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Australia expo

Each participant at the conference, the architect, opinion-maker in society, the first edition (12 June 2017), organized under the auspices of the Eruditio Conferences, held at Arcub Gabroveni, was to receive a pink quartz. Fascinating and intriguing, do not you think? What could be the link between pink quartz and architecture? The same connection they have with the architecture of the gold inserts in the petrified wood now more than 200 million years, or in various and wonderfully colored agate, or in malachite, labradonite or jasp. How to invite Jurassic to your home? For the first time, it was necessary to extract from these five continents all these magnificent witnesses of the hundreds of millions of years that have passed over the Earth. quartz.

Australia expo

Together with our official Australian distributor, Luxury Stone Designs Gabglo - Zuccari, We participated in Equinox Perth 2017, an event for industry professionals to explore innovative designs and technologies in construction and design. The event took place at Crown Perth Astral Ballroom 2 and 3 Great Eastern Highway, Burswood Perth, WA 6100, Australia.
We are proud winners of the "Best Stand" Award for our exposed semiprecious stone products. We also thank our distributors in Australia and the entire MAER Charme - semiprecious stones!

tehnica prelucrarii pietrei decorative

The most famous polishing of all machining, grinding, brushing, antique, sandblasting, drilling, bucking, scraping, scraping some of the operations applied on decorative stone and semiprecious stone.
The most known of all processing. It is done by sanding the surface with abrasives gradually until all pores are closed and a "mirror" gloss reflects the light. Marble, granite, travertine and some limestone are suitable for polishing, but the results are different, and for sandstone (sandstone) or most of the limestone only a matte gloss can be obtained.

Australia expo

Maer Charme offers an exclusive selection of semi-precious stones that elegantly ennobles any interior. Created in the mysterious laboratories of nature, these stones blend harmoniously into authentic artwork, made available to customers in the form of unique pieces of special furniture, kitchen furniture, bathrooms, floors and office furniture. To provide durability and resilience to destructive environmental factors, the company uses advanced technology in production, and in surface treatment, it is turning to a process involving nanotechnology. In this way, the products retain their properties for longer, showing impeccably, with minimal maintenance and cleaning effort. With each Maer Charme product, the company expresses the purest essence of luxury and extravagance.

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“Maer Group brings the highest quality semiprecious stones on the market. Maer has produced these beautiful products since 2009 and revolutionized the technology and excels in making these plates look the way they do today."

Andrey Jhonson

“Maer's solutions and services were of the highest quality, delivery was made on time, without delays"

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Manager - Impact Sollutions
“Best quality and professional counseling. Maer are really professionals thank you."

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