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About MAER Import-Export

MAER offers over 450 types of natural stone from a permanent 350.000sqm stock of marble, granite, travertine, onyx, recomposed stone.

Supremely, elegant and refined

With materials harvested on all five continents and with extensive experience in the production of standard and custom-made parts of marble, granite, travertine, onyx and rebuilt stones, MAER Import-Export has been active on the Romanian market for 25 years, offering and constantly enriching it’s range of products and services to it’s customers in the finishing and construction materials field.
The richness of the nature and it’s values are brilliantly highlighted using the latest technology, like waterjet cutting and CNC machines, which permits high definition material processing and giving the possibility to combine all types of materials, from natural stone to semiprecious stone, to glass, metal and wood.

The complexity and unicity of each job are brought to life by design projects realized in our design department. So we transform to art everything, from decorative carpets and medallions to inlays.
In order to satisfy the most varied demands, we offer a wide range of standardized size types, 30x30cm, 30x60cm, 40x40cm or 60x60cm. In addition to standard floorboards, we can also produce floors according to stereotomy, steps, countertops, window sills, tops, fireplaces and decorative elements.

Maer Charme offers an exclusive selection of semi-precious stones that elegantly ennobles any interior. Created in the mysterious laboratories of nature, these stones blend harmoniously into authentic artwork, made available to customers in the form of unique pieces of special furniture, kitchen furniture, bathrooms, floors and office furniture. To provide durability and resilience to destructive environmental factors, the company uses advanced technology in production, and in surface treatment, it is turning to a process involving nanotechnology. In this way, the products retain their properties for longer, showing impeccably, with minimal maintenance and cleaning effort. With each Maer Charme product, the company expresses the purest essence of luxury and extravagance, making it’s place among the world's most important semiprecious stone producers.

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Our Clients

“Maer Group brings the highest quality semiprecious stones on the market. Maer has produced these beautiful products since 2009 and revolutionized the technology and excels in making these plates look the way they do today."

Andrey Jhonson

“Maer's solutions and services were of the highest quality, delivery was made on time, without delays"

Ioan Vasilescu

Manager - Impact Sollutions
“Best quality and professional counseling. Maer are really professionals thank you."

Liviu Mateut

CFO, Perfect Inc.